At beginning of year.-

How are things here, now that we started January and with it, a new year?

We were out of our work area throughout December, because of our annual vacation. We came back in mid-January. The first thing we saw when we got to "Mahanaim Center" was that children and ladies virtually jumped for joy. We understood that, seeing us, they had hope again, hope that we continued with the help we provide and which they so much need.

Now, regarding the situation of the families at the village. In this it is necessary to distinguish two aspects: their financial situation and the frame of mind of them. On the economic side, we can say that things, instead of improving, have been a little more difficult. Since December the temperature began to drop and weather forecasts expect the presence of "ice" until the end of February, this makes farmers not to plant, because falling that "ice", destroys crops with corresponding losses. That is why virtually all men have "come out", in crews, looking for work. Is so far, that just start planting in the fields. The ladies have found some work planting seeds, but we stress, is little. They put their hope in the time of harvest of these crops, but that will happen within 3 to 6 months....

Children playing at Mahanaim CenterGirls of the village "Tierra Linda"
The other aspect to consider is the state of mind. We really believe that in this respect, they have improved. The quality of life of the people has improved as they have found in us that "security", that "stability", which is so necessary to feel one quiet. We believe it because they have some food stability, health stability and spiritual stability. With food we gave last year, week after week, they were sure, that they could have at least one meal secured for several days. Emotionally, this week when we had the Bible school with children, youth and ladies, we could see that this time gives them one of the few opportunities they have to play. We could see children jumping, running, having fun and did not want to return home, but in the end, they were happy, and returning home with his "moshito" under his arm and with his eyes on the next meeting. With the ladies was the same. One by one we saw them approaching, they shared with us their family problems; we saw them pray with vehemence and with faith. And although we provided no food for this week, due to lack of funds, it was difficult them off to their homes.

Some ladies approached us to share with us health problems, their own and those of her family, but we understood that they did so because they were sure that would find in us a prompt, sincere and loving answer. Currently, when someone gets sick, we refer him to the "Health Unit" of the town and, if necessary, since in that unit rarely have complete medicine, we provide them medicines. If necessary and "Health Unit" refer them to the nearest hospital, the Hospital of the city of Coban, we assess the situation and, in most cases, we provide money for the tickets and even for lunch.